Working with PDFs

After learning the basics of PDFs you might be wondering where to start. I would suggest going through some PDFs to be comfortable with their structure. You can look at a PDF file's structure using the PDFDebugger. For more details visit

If you are interested in view the exact location of objects in the raw file you could use a little app that I created. Here is the link.

This is a jar file that can be open a PDF file with its raw contents. Open a PDF file using File -> Open

The file that I have opened is displayed. Looking at the end of the PDF I can see that the XREF table is 4791 bytes from the beginning of the PDF. Key in this value in the text field and click "Go to location".

The app shades all the characters from the beginning right up to the nth-1 character.

Please email steve@printmyfolders if there are any queries or bugs.